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Hadley Quinn SpotlightReady to meet our next author in the spotlight?? Let’s welcome Hadley Quinn to Up All Night Book Blog!

Hadley is  joining us in Portland and we can’t wait to spend some time with her here on the blog before then. Let’s get started learning more about Hadley…

For more details on our event and to register to attend the free event, visit:

UAN: Hi Hadley! Welcome! Is this your first visit to Portland? If so, is there anything in particular you are wanting to do while here (outside of meeting all the crazy fans?)? If not, what’s something you love about Portland?

Hadley: I am basically a local to the Portland area these days. For the past ten years I’ve lived in Southern Washington several months out of the year. I’m about thirty minutes from Portland. I have family and close friends up here in the Northwest so it’s a good place to be. My favorite places in the area are mainly the music venues since I love live music, OMSI, the zoo at Christmastime for Zoo Lights, and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. I probably visit Doernbecher’s ten times more than any other place in the city.

UAN: Yes, there is definitely so much to see and do in Portland! And now, you can say it was the city of your first author signing! 😉

Speaking of, what are you most excited about regarding the signing event on October 12th?

Hadley: The Portland Author Event will be my very first event as an author. I absolutely LOVE meeting people, so I think that is going to be the highlight of my experience. I’m not only going to be meeting readers that are familiar with my work, but ones that are not. It doesn’t matter if they’ve read my books or not… I’m sending them home with stuff anyways! When we meet someone, they get a little bit of us and we get a bit of them. It’s fabulous. Those are the moments in life that really mean a lot to me. It is what ties me to events and experiences in my life and makes each one of them unique.

UAN: That’s so very true about how each person we come in contact with makes an impact in our lives! I know a lot of people who are looking forward to meeting you!

If you could bring one of your characters with you to the signing, who would it be and why?

Hadley:  If I could bring JUST ONE character of mine? JUST ONE????? How cruel. (muahahaha!) They are all heart-stopping for different reasons! I’d bring Teague for some sexy man candy; an adrenaline junkie that has a dangerous job he’s hella good at. He’d be my rock. My security blanket. His ocean eyes would melt my panties, though. I’d definitely have to skip wearing them that day. If I wanted a feisty, humorous, badass chick with a tender sweet side I would bring Camryn. She could have dance party moments with me and we could plan a pretty sweet flash mob together. For the sexiest smartass you would ever meet I would bring Jay. He would also melt certain articles of clothing, so again, I’d leave those at home. And I’m sure he would offend at least eighty percent of you with his blatant honesty. However, he makes up for it with his charm and Alpha personality. You’re safe with him; he’ll put anyone in their place in a heartbeat. And speaking of kicking some ass when needed, Van would fight to the death for you. He is an MMA fighter with a soft heart for the people he loves, but I’m not sure if I could bring him without ignoring everyone else in the room. He would certainly be a distraction. So….yeah, guess I can’t decide and would just bring them all!!! I’ve never been one to play favorites…. =)

UAN: Well, who are we to argue with bringing all those fabulous people with you? 😉 *Note to self: consider panty choices if Teague or Jay are in the room!*

What’s one thing you’d like to share with your fans that they might not otherwise know?

Hadley: There are a lot of things readers don’t know about me. Mainly because I’m fairly new to the scene and just barely establishing my fan base, but also because I am a very private person. I just do my thing and don’t expect people to notice or care. Lately I’ve been sharing more of myself on social media, but just a little bit at a time. I guess one thing I could share is that I try my best to live by the Golden Rule. Nothing is ever gained by wasting time and effort on treating others like they are beneath you. I’ve met all kinds of people in my life and there is one thing that never changes: actions speak louder than words.

UAN: Well, thank you for sharing a little piece of yourself here, Hadley!

Any special teasers or exclusives you can share with us in preparation for your visit to Portland?

Hadley: Here’s an excerpt from Kiss This, when Camryn and Teague first meet:

[stextbox id=”custom” bcolor=”191970″ bgcolor=”eee8aa” cbgcolor=”eee8aa” image=”null”]

“Hey,” Teague said, softly grabbing her arm and stepping toward her. He was really close to her; close enough that he could lean down and kiss her if he dared. And he wanted to. He wanted to run his tongue across her pretty lips and then kiss her senseless. But he let go of her as he lowered his voice and said, “I’m Teague. What’s your name?”

Her smirk slowly returned. “I already threw myself at you,” she replied, nodding to the sidewalk. “What more do you expect?”

“A name isn’t asking much,” he shrugged.

“Well in that case, it won’t matter if I don’t give it to you.”

He paused briefly. “Well I cushioned your fall and I gave you my name. Only seems fair.”

“You caused my fall and I didn’t ask for your name,” she countered.

Teague bit the corner of his lip as he quickly assessed his options. Goddamn, she was a hard ass. “Okay, fair enough,” he said, holding up his hands. He stepped back from her and added, “Just know that I’d really love to know your name. In fact, I’d love to know more than just your name, but tonight I’ll cross my fingers, wish upon a star, and pray that someday you’ll just give me a name. Tomorrow I’ll rub Buddha’s belly, light a candle, do a juju dance around the fire… Sound like a good start?”

Her light laughter totally thrilled him. What a beautiful sound that struck a chord in his chest.

“Okay,” she answered, still smiling. She had the prettiest fucking smile he’d ever seen. “If you do all of that, maybe next time I’ll give you my name. But you have to earn it.”

She winked and took off at a jog.


UAN: Loved that moment in Kiss This! And for a little something special, we included the book trailer that we made for Kiss This…



book and heart

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About the Author

Besides books, I love music, dance, kickboxing, surfing, and sunshine. If I’m not riding a wave, I’m at a concert or traveling. Doesn’t tell you much, but you’ll learn way more about me from social media or my blog site!

My writing: I don’t write short stories. I’d rather have one full story instead of turning it into two. I believe in order to build a relationship with a book, it takes time to get to know it. I like my characters to be well-developed. I like the story to show rather than tell. I like my heroes to have integrity and my heroines to be strong. Just as importantly, I like them to have a sense of humor. I believe in adversity because it is a natural part of life, and I like my characters to learn that as well. And I definitely *prefer* happily ever afters!

Thanks for reading!

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